I’m a sole proprietor, so it means sometimes I’m on W-2 income and sometimes it means I’m on 1099 income. A lot of it is out-of-state work, and international as well, and when you go into various states you get charged withholding against a local state liability. Sometimes I’ve had to file 10 state returns for my normal tax year so it was important for me to get someone who has an understanding of not just taxes as it pertains to Florida, but taxes as it pertains to travelling all over the world.

I know I can reach David anytime I need to talk to him or send him an email from anywhere I’m at and ask him a question about something. He does a fantastic job, and he doesn’t send me an invoice every time I ask him a question.

Paul Davies


I can take care of the other things in the office because I know David has me covered when it comes to the taxes and payroll, and he’s so accessible. I can call him at any time with any question.

We’ve been on the phone with Liyen Coffey so much and she’s wonderful.

Dr Prematee Sarwan


Second time dealing with David regarding my taxes and mistakes I made. I cannot over state how helpful, understanding, and professional he was. He went out of his way to go the extra mile for me and helped me. I highly recommend you support a local business, and a really professional, understanding gentleman.

Mac Matts


This firm is amazing. I am a disabled firefighter and they have helped me with not only the preparation of my family’s taxes but on the planning side also. When you work with these people you truly feel that they respect and care for their clients. I, without reservation, would recommend this firm to everyone.

Ray Landes


Taxes can be very stressful, and David puts me at ease.

Heather Stamp